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Novel synthetic molecule pipeline for the development of breakthrough medicines

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EPM brings potential therapeutic uses, derived from novel compounds of synthesized cannabinoid acids for new drug developments.

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EPM unlocks the true potential of cannabinoid acids.

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About Us

EPM is a global science-led, patient-focused, biotechnology company, based in the USA.

EPM develops novel synthetic molecules, which are inspired by cannabinoids, and represent new and innovative treatment options for the pharmaceutical industry.

Our mission is to develop new medicines and to enable safer treatments for patients, by collaborating with leading pharmaceutical companies.

Our focus is to bring cannabinoid acids-based medicines to patients in a wide range of disease areas, and make a real difference by helping people live a life of higher quality.

The development of EPM’s molecules starts in Prof. Raphael Mechoulam’s laboratory at the Hebrew University, who co-founded EPM together with Reshef Swisa and Asaf Ohana, one of Israel first treated patients with CBD and an experienced cannabinoids entrepreneur.

EPM is leading the way in realizing the untapped potential of cannabinoids acids as new Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs).

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